“ImpactADHD®’s Parent Academy is brilliant. The content is strong and just what parents need to know. There’s a lot of great information, and it’s broken down into small enough chunks that it’s easy to use. The format that the material is delivered is also excellent, especially compared to other programs I’ve tried. From an online user experience, it’s straight-forward, very well done and easy to do in short segments and come back to it later. I don’t think you could make it any more simple. Overall, the program is just brilliant! ”

“ImpactADHD has been absolutely life-changing for both my family and myself. The coaching, group sessions and learning modules are brilliant, with thorough content that is just what parents need to know and easy to use, especially compared to other programmes I’ve tried. Group sessions are straight-forward, very well done and easy to attend in person or listen to later. I don’t think you could make it any more simple. Overall, it’s just brilliant! I was so inspired by my experience that I asked Elaine and Diane to deliver a live coaching session to a roomful of British parents at an ADHD workshop — over Skype! At the end of the session, the parents in the room were clamouring for more. Despite the challenges of technology, the interaction was seamless. The mum who received laser coaching moved from optimistic skepticism to thoroughly convinced advocate of ImpactADHD. It was amazing. ImpactADHD makes all the difference!”
—Cynthia C. (London, England)

“Elaine, Elaine, Elaine!!!!!!! Diane, Diane, Diane!!!! It worked. But this is big, BIG, B-I-G for me! I accessed the program’s web site on my iPad through Safari and then hit the button to “throw the video” to the apple TV that is hooked up to our living room flatscreen tv. The video plays beautifully and then I still have the course screen on my iPad to move forward through the course. WHY is this so big… because my husband and I can watch these together and discuss while sitting comfortably on the couch, rather than hunched over computer screen or the iPad. This is where we are most comfortable in making big decisions and having discussions. Sound quality and picture quality was excellent on the bonus module.Thank you both!!!!”
–Michelle S, NB

“Thank you ImpactADHD!
My daughter thanks you… my kid gets to focus on being a kid again. She gets to find joy in her accomplishments and areas of expertise, share and laugh at her “did I do that” moments, recognize that she would rather not deal with ADHD stuff but also recognize that life is better when she deals with challenges, and that when the fireworks ignite, Mom and Dad are there for her.

My husband thanks you… he wasn’t too sure about this whole telephone coaching thing, but the other day, he recognized that he was approaching a teen meltdown situation and gave our household’s new parental distress signal… “Tag”…. aka “I need my co-parent to relieve me.” A first! More importantly, a solid affirmation that whatever I was doing in my weekly sessions, it was working.

Thirdly, I thank you. When I first contacted ImpactADHD, I didn’t know where else to turn. This was not our first parenting gig, but “hit the repeat button” just didn’t seem to be working this time around. I reached out for help and some solutions worked for a while; others still questioned ADHD as a condition to be treated. I felt like the worst parent in the world; I lost hope in a solution. There were times when I was almost reduced to counting the number of days until my youngest reach the age of majority. I was exhausted; I was frustrated, and I was afraid. Impact ADHD’s Parent Academy was my answer. I was able to talk to someone, in professional confidence and without judgement, who’d actually lived/parented ADHD 24/7. They’d been there. Impact ADHD allowed me to gain insight and experience while my daughter went on with life… no embarrassment from missing activities or classes while spending hours on the road or in a professional office. Each week, I felt empowered when I heard “What can I help you with today” on the other end of the phone, knowing that this was more than theory. This was developing a skill set for a specific occurrence that applied 100% to my life, where I was, right now. I could say “I blew it” or ask “what just happened?” and Elaine or Diane would walk through what happened, discuss insight as to why it happened, what was really going on before it happened, and what I really wanted to happen (Can you say “never saw that coming”?). We’d discuss ideas to make IT happen… or not happen… again. Sometimes there was no Big It; sometimes I just needed to know what was going on inside my child and experience the big aha moment to finally understand my actions, words, and expectations from the perspective of a person with ADHD. “What’s she going through?” Call that compassion or … pure, unadulterated parent empowerment. I started out wanting to “fix my kid”, I ended up rediscovering the joy of being my daughter’s mom. Life’s not perfect; we’re still learning, adjusting, and living our relationships, but our family is empowered… not only with skills, compassion, and a resource, but also with hope. Bravo, guys; Impact ADHD nailed it with this one… Long live the Coaching Academy, from one of your biggest fans.”
—Michelle Sullivan

“Parents now have an excellent resource and roadmap for dealing with the homework struggles of their ADHD child at every level of education. Homework Headaches is so well-organized and provides practical applications and advice to parents. Homework Headaches reinforces the work that I do with families in terms of fostering independence and self-confidence in my students before they leave for college.”
–Judith S. Bass, CEP, Bass Educational Services, LLC

“I want to thank you very much for creating this program for us, and for providing coaching support calls. Being that you each have lived this from a parent perspective, and that you have become coaches for parents and are teaching parents how to support and coach our children, it is greatly refreshing. I am truly grateful.”
–Shawna C (CO)

“We haven’t tackled all the homework headaches, but thanks to Elaine and Diane at ImpactADHD we fewer headaches! Tools I’ve learned, such as “body-doubling”, have helped me shift my focus and create hope and progress on the journey!”
–Kristi Baggett (2014)

“Thanks to ImpactADHD Parent Success programs, we have learned so many actionable and positive strategies to reduce the stress around homework from the simple step of a jumping jack break to get the wiggles out and activate the brain to the more holistic process of co-creating a homework routine that Miles could follow that allowed him to feel both successful and in control. We feel better about this special time of the day.”
–Christa Roth (California) (2014)

“”I experienced an ADHD Homework Dilemma tonight but feel because of the ImpactAHD coaching, it went really well, much better than it would have several years ago. My 11yr old ADHD daughter really struggles with reading and writing (and executive functioning of course) so when she was assigned a book report, she did it and then promptly lost it. So she did another one which she got a failing grade on because she wrote very brief answers and even said “I don’t know” on one of the questions. She has a very hard time getting her thoughts down on paper. So now, she had two reports both with failing grades. Today, instead of giving her a hard time for losing the papers and getting such a bad grade, I focused on the success and celebrated that (just like we talked about in ADHD group) – she did a lot of work doing that book report twice already! I congratulated her on all that effort and had empathy for her because she ended up doing the same book report THREE times! But such is the life with a kid with ADHD, right? So for the third time with the book report, I sat down with her and talked over the plot, story lines, characters, etc. She knows it, she just can’t articulate it well and write it down. She had a lot of writing to do but I employed techniques I’ve learned like taking short breaks (to pet the dog) and then a longer break with some physical activity. So, in the end, I was never angry or frustrated with her, in fact, I felt like I was very supportive. I think she felt good about it all and she ended up doing a very decent job on the book report. I think this was a good learning experience for her too. So the skills that we have talked about in ImpactADHD are empathy, compassion, homework breaks, physical activity homework breaks, body doubling, motivational rewards, championing and celebrating, being curious, shifting expectations. It was good!”
–Cheryl Addams (2014)

“If you’re looking for a way to reduce those nightly homework struggles and let your kids enjoy the feeling of joy that comes from academic success, the parenting experts at ImpactADHD have put together a program called Homework Headaches that teaches you just how to do this. I think this is a stress-busting game-changer for parents and kids, especially those who have LD or ADHD.”
–Jerome Schultz, Ph.D.