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Discover the peace that comes when your kids finish their homework…without you ever raising your voice

School challenges are standard for complex kids, and can be excruciatingly stressful for kids and parents. Start banishing the drama today with our unique 12 module parent training, designed specifically to help you handle all kinds of school-related headaches!

Does the following sound familiar?

It’s that time of the day again, the kids are home from school and you feel a familiar sense of dread creeping up on you.

It’s homework time.

School is out for the day, and you’ve finished your work. In an ideal world, at this point you would love to have a quiet moment to yourself, or spend some quality time with your kids.

However, you have long since given up on the fantasy of enjoyable evenings or weekends.

The burden of homework is getting you down.

Big time. Even though you’ve had a long day yourself, you know that your “night-shift” work is just about to begin.

Although the assignments are different every time, the routine is much the same.

She doesn’t do the work, you yell, coax and even bribe. Nothing works. Tears are shed.

Or perhaps she tells you there is no homework today, or that she did it already. You breathe a sigh of relief …only to find another ‘0’ grade the following week.

Sound familiar?

This scenario is one that is oh so familiar to us, as well as thousands of parents who have come to us, desperate for solutions.

We discovered, we had solutions that really helped. And we’ve been guiding parents to overcome these problems ever since.

But before we go any further, let us ask you the following. Are you sick of…

  • Emailing teachers late at night when the work’s not done?
  • Bringing forgotten items to school?
  • Dreading the chaos that will come home at 3pm?
  • Watching a simple 10 minute assignment become 2 hours of suffering?
  • Spending hours hovering, checking, handholding?
  • Wondering why your smart kid can’t seem to do something basic?
  • Helping with homework instead of making dinner?
  • Craving sleep – for everyone?!
  • Dreading the next “home project” assignment?

Yes to any of these? Well then, believe us – you are not alone. Too many parents of complex kids are going through this nightly battle, with no help.

But YOU don’t have to!

Help is always available if you need it. You just have to know where to look. And be willing to accept it (that’s the hard part for many of us!)

We know that, even though you may be suffering now, the biggest error you can make is to assume you are all alone in this, and that your problems are unique.

They’re not!

To make matters worse, some parents are so frustrated that they find it hard to face the problem head on, or they don’t really know what to do.

They end up plodding miserably forward, hoping that things will get better. Maybe if they just wait long enough it will go away, right?


We know that ignoring a problem can be tempting, but when your kids’ challenges with school are avoided, they tend to get worse. Trust us, we’ve seen this more times than we care to think about, and it can have debilitating consequences.

But honestly? There is a whole army of parents going through the same things you are, stepping up to the opportunity to turn things around. We have helped thousands of parents see that the daily turmoil of school struggles can be turned into smoother sailing — with the right amount of knowledge, support, and a few well-placed strategies (who doesn’t love strategies?!)

But before we move forward, let us introduce ourselves.

Who are we, and how can we help you?

We are Diane and Elaine, certified parent coaches and the founders of ImpactADHD. We are also parents of a combined 6 children between our two families — kids with ADD/ADHD and a number of related challenges. Believe us, we’ve been through it all, and are still smiling (most of the time)!

Over the past few years we have become sought after as the “voice for parents” in the world of parenting complex kids. We have also been approached for guidance or contributions by national resources such as the American Academy of Pediatrics, Attention and ADDitude magazines, and other national press.

Elaine serves as a columnist for the Huffington Post, and on the National Board of Directors of CHADD (Children and Adults with ADD). In fact, in our VERY first year, we were awarded ‘Innovative Program’ status by CHADD!

We now understand that despite the challenges of having a kid with Anxiety, or Dyslexia, or ADHD, or so many other challenges that make school difficult, most of our earlier fears have been reduced to minor concerns. School challenges, in particular, can be made SO much easier with a bit of select know-how.

We can’t even begin to count how many times homework has turned into a source of chaos and frustration for our kids. The good news is that as we learned to support our kids with the skills we use as coaches, it made school life easier for them, and home life a lot less stressful for us! And we’re excited to share those tricks with you.


Homework Headaches

Home Study Program for Parents!

Homework headaches is a unique parent training program that has been created specifically to take the stress out of trying to educate children who struggle with many aspects of school life. It’s about eliminating some of the painful rituals that parents suffer from regularly when their kids struggle with school.

With us as your parent coaches you will feel supported and guided, and you’ll get incredible tools and strategies that can change your child’s entire experience of education. You’ll be amazed at how your confidence grows, and awed at how your family life can take a turn for the better with a few simple tools.

So, stop suffering … and start living. Let us show you how to work on the symptoms of your homework headaches – consider us your all-natural, long term solution to pain free evenings and weekends!

How is this program different?

Our reality-based training will show you how living with a complex kid doesn’t have to feel like a nightmare.

You will learn:


  • What is happening in your child’s brain that causes her school work struggles
  • New strategies to empower focus and productivity
  • How to support your kids without doing it for them
  • Ways to motivate your kids to their own success
  • How to help your child see what they are really capable of
  • How to be a supporter, not an enabler (important for inspiring your child towards independence!)
  • Ways to foster buy-in and motivation to do well at school
  • And finally…how to get the work done! Phew!

At the end of the course, you will:


  • Notice that your child is happier and less frustrated – and you are, too!
  • Be able to watch her confidence grow as she realizes she can do it
  • Understand how you can help her grow into a mature, responsible adult
  • Experience less guilt as a parent, safe in the knowledge that you are doing all you can to help your child gain independence
  • See grades improve and teachers happy to be receiving work on time
  • Reconnect with your child and have a great relationship once again.
  • Rediscover the joy that comes from parenting and a happy, calm family life
  • Understand that you are not fighting a losing battle after all – and that it it can be easier than you think!

If you’ll let us, you too can join the thousands of parents we have helped take their families from surviving to thriving.
Enroll now and never look back

Here’s what you’re going to get

Homework Headaches guides you to learn specific tools and strategies for tackling school challenges, and then it provides exercises and questions for you to personalize what you’re learning. That way you get solutions that are specific to what YOUR family needs.

Here is a breakdown of the modules that will help you do this:

Module 1

Getting Started


  • Ways to identify your child’s strengths so you can begin to help your child focus on the PROCESS of learning.
  • How to let go of shame and perfectionism and set an honest framework for your values around education, mindset and definitions of school success.
  • How to make a distinction between intelligence and school success so that you can better understand your thoughts on learning differences.

Module 2

Taking Aim


  • How to start using the 5 Step Parenting Action Model by “Taking Aim” on your child’s challenges.
  • How to determine the challenges you want to see changed, very specifically, so that you’re able to identify effective solutions.
  • A better understanding of executive function, the foundation to identifying areas of particular struggle.

Module 3

Education about Your Child


  • How to determine specifically what is causing frustration for your child so that you can begin to develop strategies to relieve stress and empower success.
  • Understand the difference between ‘naughty’ and ‘neurological’ actions, the underlying reasons for your child’s behaviors.

Module 4

Education about School Environment


  • Get a picture of what’s really going on at school for your child and how to use this knowledge.
  • Understand more about how to motivate your child and get ‘buy-in’ for his or her academic success.
  • Identify the skills your child demonstrates outside of school that can be transferred to school life success.

Module 5

Activate the Brain


  • Inattention, disorganization and emotional intensity can interfere with academic success. Identify when to look for solutions in the first of the four Critical Response Areas for managing challenging issues with kids.
  • When and how to use strategies for focusing and engaging the brain to enhance performance.
  • The value of engaging brain support to manage and regulate moods in an effort to support academic success.

Module 6

Parenting Positively


  • Specific methods for staying calm, including the 8 key components of a positive parent.
  • How to motivate from inspiration – not desperation, and use positivity as a vehicle for fostering an increasingly independent student.
  • When and how to use strategies for empowerment so that your kids can begin to believe in themselves, despite academic challenges and frustration.

Module 7

Shifting Expectations


  • How to set realistic expectations so that you can honestly become your child’s best champion.
  • How to foster self-esteem and help your child see possibilities for success, instead of a constant feeling of failure.
  • Ways to focus on the process of learning, imbuing a love for life-long learning rather than just getting by.

Module 8

Planning: Systems & Structures


  • How to effectively use systems and structures to ease challenging circumstances in a lasting way.
  • Strategies for managing communication and building partnerships with your child’s school.
  • More information about executive function challenges, how they show up specifically at school and home, and strategies for management.

Module 9

Taking Care


  • The value of taking care of yourself, and how that helps you be a better parent!
  • How you model behavior for your children, and the importance of teaching by example.
  • Specific and easy ways to take care of yourself, even when you think you don’t have the time.

Module 10



  • Review the strategies you’ve learned up until now (nearly 150 at this point!)
  • Take a quiz to reinforce your learning (don’t worry — there are no grades and it’s an open-book quiz!)
  • Look back on the exercises you have completed and review your answers to the questions at the end of each module.

Module 11

Forwarding the Action


  • How to begin formulating a plan for next steps in the short and long term.
  • Establish specific goals for yourself and your family, and brainstorm possible action steps.
  • Start prioritizing and planning for action. Identify specific action steps with time frames!

Module 12

Assessment & Conclusion


  • Assess what’s working, and what’s not. Tweak and re-direct your actions appropriately.
  • Identify what needs to be changed, or what new directions are indicated.
  • Apply your findings to real situations, modify as needed, and repeat.


BONUS MODULE – ADHD Basics! Including a one-hour expert tele-class on Executive Function*. The courses in the Parent Academy assume a basic knowledge about your child’s challenges. ADHD Basics gives you an amazing foundational knowledge of Executive Function — whether your child has ADHD or not — that will help you in the rest of the course.

*Executive function. You may have heard this term bandied around, but what does it actually mean? In very basic terms it refers to the set of skills controlled by the brain’s frontal lobe that largely determine behavior. If people have trouble with executive function, this means they will struggle to focus, manage time, remember details and curb inappropriate actions. Sound familiar? Understanding executive function is key to helping your kids overcome their challenges.

Remember one thing…

We truly believe that this course can change your life. No question. In fact, it is literally impossible for you to complete the program and not have gotten any benefit. Impossible.

However we also want to be clear that this is not a remediation course. We’re not the answer if you simply want to “fix” your child and banish complex issues forevermore.

We know that however hard you may find things, there are ways to manage every tricky situation to make it easier, better, and eventually even great. It may be hard to see now, but your child is special and unique in her own way — she just works slightly differently, and needs a little help in locating her inner genius.

So, we can’t change your kid. But we CAN show you how to work with her to make her problems seem easier and manageable for a long and fruitful life ahead of her.

“ImpactADHD®’s Parent Academy is brilliant. The content is strong and just what parents need to know. There’s a lot of great information, and it’s broken down into small enough chunks that it’s easy to use. The format that the material is delivered is also excellent, especially compared to other programs I’ve tried. From an online user experience, it’s straight-forward, very well done and easy to do in short segments and come back to it later. I don’t think you could make it any more simple. Overall, the program is just brilliant! ”

“ImpactADHD has been absolutely life-changing for both my family and myself. The coaching, group sessions and learning modules are brilliant, with thorough content that is just what parents need to know and easy to use, especially compared to other programmes I’ve tried. Group sessions are straight-forward, very well done and easy to attend in person or listen to later. I don’t think you could make it any more simple. Overall, it’s just brilliant! I was so inspired by my experience that I asked Elaine and Diane to deliver a live coaching session to a roomful of British parents at an ADHD workshop — over Skype! At the end of the session, the parents in the room were clamouring for more. Despite the challenges of technology, the interaction was seamless. The mum who received laser coaching moved from optimistic skepticism to thoroughly convinced advocate of ImpactADHD. It was amazing. ImpactADHD makes all the difference!”
—Cynthia C. (London, England)

“My whole family thanks you… my daughter gets to focus on being a kid again. She gets to find joy in her accomplishments and areas of expertise. She recognizes that she would rather not deal with ADHD stuff, but that life is better when she deals with her challenges. When the fireworks ignite, she knows that her Mom and Dad are there for her.
Impact ADHD’s Parent Academy has worked for us. I started out wanting to “fix my kid,” I ended up rediscovering the joy of being my daughter’s mom. Life’s not perfect; we’re still learning, adjusting, and living our relationships. But our family is empowered… not only with skills, compassion, and a resource, but also with hope. Bravo, guys; Impact ADHD nailed it with this one… Long live the Parent Academy, from one of your biggest fans. ”
–Michelle S, NB

Designed for maximum results, in the shortest possible time.

We know you’re busy and that your life sometimes feels like chaos-come-to-life. We get it. That’s why we have designed what we feel is the ultimate structure to fit into the busiest of busy lives.

This program includes 12 distinct modules (plus a bonus module). The beauty of the course is that each module is just about 15 – 20 minutes long so every uber-busy parent (as we know you are!) can squeeze this in. Please don’t take the brevity for a lack of substance – it’s veerrrry content rich.

In fact, it’s a perfect example of what we teach you to do for your kids. It’s hours of training, broken down into manageable chunks so as not to be overwhelming!

This is an online home-study course, so you can do this . However we do recommend that you follow a structure (i.e. one module a day, or two a week etc.) This way you can keep things on track.

The home study course is also super simple to use and wonderfully interactive, to help you get the best from it. Each module is a video – kind of like a powerpoint presentation with us taking you through certain points.

Then, we ask you to answer some questions and complete some short exercises. These have been designed to help you really incorporate what we cover in the module, and help you focus in on how it relates to your child.

Sounds great, but how much is it going to cost me?

Have you ever thought about it…how much would pain free evenings be worth?

If you were willing to pay $5 every day for a peaceful evening, then you will have spent the cost of Homework Headaches in just a month and a half. Think about it — the cost of a daily Starbucks seems a pretty negligible amount to change your life — and your child’s future!

We want our training to be accessible to everyone, anywhere, any budget. That’s why we have made Homework Headaches an online course: our overheads are lower – meaning a lower cost for you, and you can access it wherever you are in the world.

The price of Homework Headaches is not $697 or $497. It’s not even $297. We have made it available to you for just…


If you were to visit a therapist it could easily cost about $200 per hour — and for 12 sessions that would be $2400. But not this! The LIVE monthly Parenting Lifeline calls with a coach — that you get as part of your package — are worth $200 each, just by themselves.

If you factored in insurance, the cost would be about the same, except that with Homework Headaches there is no running around, and you’re learning skills that will last a lifetime — your child’s lifetime!

It is quite simply the lowest you’ll ever pay for such in-depth information of this quality.

This is our goal, and our mission in life. And we hope you’ll join us.

Enroll now and change your life

Our Parent-to-Parent Guarantee


You know the Gandhi quote “be the change you want to see in the world?” Well, that’s what we’re trying to do here. We know we can make a difference, as we’ve seen it happen.

Big changes in people’s lives…there is surely no feeling more incredible or motivating!

The change we want to see in the world is more happy families, more confident parents, and more motivated kids. That is why we want you to be able to try our program without the fear that it will be a waste of your hard-earned cash.

We are so confident that Homework Headaches will be a life changing experience for you that we offer a no risk 30 day guarantee. If you complete the program, and feel in any way that it didn’t add any value to your life, then let us know within 30 days and we will refund every cent of your money.


“Parents now have an excellent resource and roadmap for dealing with the homework struggles of their ADHD child at every level of education. Homework Headaches is so well-organized and provides practical applications and advice to parents. Homework Headaches reinforces the work that I do with families in terms of fostering independence and self-confidence in my students before they leave for college.”
–Judith S. Bass, CEP, Bass Educational Services, LLC

“I want to thank you very much for creating this program for us, and for providing coaching support calls. Being that you each have lived this from a parent perspective, and that you have become coaches for parents and are teaching parents how to support and coach our children, it is greatly refreshing. I am truly grateful.”
–Shawna C (CO)

“We haven’t tackled all the homework headaches, but thanks to Elaine and Diane at ImpactADHD we fewer headaches! Tools I’ve learned, such as “body-doubling”, have helped me shift my focus and create hope and progress on the journey!”
–Kristi Baggett (2014)

Enroll now and get ready for big changes!

In this special 12 module training, you will:


  • Hours of expert training (worth over $1000!)
  • Two group phone calls a month with one of us – Elaine or Diane. Consider this your parenting lifeline!
  • Participation in the private members forum where you will meet like minded parents, discuss ideas and get your questions answered.
  • Over 200 simple (but oh-my-gosh effective) strategies, tips and exercises that you can start using today.
  • Dozens of expert articles dealing with just about everything you as a parent need to know to manage school-related challenges.
  • Cheat-sheets and handouts to refer to quickly when you need to think on your feet
  • Learn in the comfort of your own home, and re-listen to the sessions as often as you wish!

$297 $247
One Time Payment

Get instant online access right away —
you’ll have access to the materials forever!

For your security, all orders are processed on a secured server.

Our Parent-to-Parent Promise

The Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho once said: “Every blessing ignored becomes a curse.”

Some argue that complex issues like Dyslexia and ADD are secret blessings disguised as curses. We know you’ll be hard to convince here, given your current ‘homework headaches,’ but bare with us.

People with complex issues like your child tend to be wonderfully creative and innovative. In fact, according to Psychology Today, people with ADHD are 300% more likely to start their own business. And the success rate of kids with Dyslexia is stunning! Interesting, no?

Lets be honest. Very few kids actually want to do homework. It’s boring and most would rather be running around outside, playing video games or hanging out with their friends. So, if you flip the homework situation over, the ones who do it with no arguments are the ones who are merely obedient and good at following instructions. Great in an academic environment — but not so interesting in life.

Your child’s challenges mean she or he can have an extraordinary life and future career if it’s dealt with in the right way – by you, now. If ignored, as Coelho says, it can become a curse.

Ok, ‘curse’ sounds a tad dramatic. But the sad fact is that in order to get anywhere in life, most kids have to make it through school. And that means they have to learn how to “do school.”

We know you know this, and that’s why you’re here. But the truth is, if you can help your child harness his wildly creative instincts and use them wisely, then the world will be his oyster.

As for you? You’ll be happy and free knowing that you raised your kid to be the best he can be.

After all, “life is too short to be miserable” (Paulo Coelho said that, too — wise man!)

Don’t believe us? Check this out!

Some of the world’s most interesting and successful people have/had ADHD and a host of other learning disabilities, and many of them have actually attributed the condition to their success. To name but a few:

British billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson had both ADHD and dyslexia. He had a tough time at school and eventually dropped out aged 16. He has said: “Looking back, I believe that the qualities that make for a great entrepreneur – such as boundless energy, a curious nature and, sometimes, an obstinate streak – are not often attributes demonstrated by top students in the classroom.”

He has also said:

My learning disability has never been a setback — it actually gave me a great advantage in business , since I have been able to bring a different perspective to problems and challenges, which often enables me to see solutions more clearly.

Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Katherine Ellison has ADHD herself, as does her son. She said in an interview on the topic: “That’s obviously a big debate among people who study ADHD: is it a gift, is it a curse? And I do think it is potentially both, and it’s a gift only if you do a whole lot of work in managing it.
Michael Phelps, the Olympic 8 gold medal winning swimmer was diagnosed with ADHD at a young age. Channelling his energies into swimming worked for him, and helped in his school life. His mother, Debbie Phelps, sought help and training in order to help him. She has said: “ADHD kids have great passion – it just needs to be funneled.”

And we’ve seen this kind of success in our own world, too. Elaine’s daughter always struggled with school — bigtime. Once Elaine and her husband started focusing on their daughter’s strengths, their world changed forever. Now their daughter is an independent young adult with a successful career in TV and film.

So you see, the struggles you are experiencing now could – with a bit of training – be the beginning of an incredible life. What are you waiting for?!

From parent to parent with love,

Elaine & Diane

Enroll now and get ready for big changes!

In this special 8 module training, you will:


  • Hours of expert training (worth over $1000!)
  • Two group phone calls a month with one of us – Elaine or Diane. Consider this your parenting lifeline!
  • Participation in the private members forum where you will meet like minded parents, discuss ideas and get your questions answered.
  • Over 200 simple (but oh-my-gosh effective) strategies, tips and exercises that you can start using today.
  • Dozens of expert articles dealing with just about everything you as a parent need to know to manage school-related challenges.
  • Cheat-sheets and handouts to refer to quickly when you need to think on your feet
  • Learn in the comfort of your own home, and re-listen to the sessions as often as you wish!

$297 $247
One Time Payment

Get instant online access right away —
you’ll have access to the materials forever!

For your security, all orders are processed on a secured server.

Here are some common questions you might have:

Q. What exactly do I get when I join the program?

A: As a Homework Headaches parent, you will:

  • Have access to the 12 module program – plus two bonus modules. These modules are designed to fit into the busiest lives, so don’t worry – each video is only 15-20 minutes long, but jam packed full of incredible takeaways that you will use for years to come.
  • Have access to us as your coaches – got a problem or question? Let us know!
  • Learn invaluable tools and techniques for tackling homework with confidence, these tools are also super relevant and useful in other areas of life with a complex kid.
  • Have access to monthly Parenting Lifeline Q & A calls.
  • Have access to ImpactADHD’s private online members community, which is the ideal place to meet fellow parents and discuss your experiences — confidentially.
  • Learn in the comfort of your own home, and re-listen to the sessions as often as you wish!

Q. How much does it cost?

A: The cost of taking the Homework Headaches course is $297 $247. The online nature of the course means we have been able to make this extremely affordable, with the hope that we can reach as many families as possible.

The cost of visiting a therapist is frequently in the region of $200 per hour, and attending a conference can add up to hundreds or thousands of dollars. Either way, for the information you’ll get in a course like this, you could end up paying in the realm of $1200 (plus babysitting, etc.). Homework Headaches is a much more modest investment for the same quality training you’d receive at a conference or in a therapist’s office. Given that you can learn from home, you don’t have to worry about childcare costs (or the stress of leaving your complex child at home!), travel costs or traffic woes, this is a much more efficient and effective investment of your time and money!

Q. Are there any payment plans I can use?

A: Yes. You can pay with 3 payments of $87

Q. How long is each module?

A: The videos in the modules are roughly 15 – 20 minutes each. Then there is additional reading, exercises and coaching questions. The modules take an average 30-60 minutes to complete, depending on your level of thoroughness.

Q. What do I need to prepare beforehand?

A: We suggest that you have a pen and paper beside you while you listen to the modules, should you want to take notes. Designating a “coaching journal” for that purpose is ideal.

Q. Anything else?

A: There will be questions and exercises at the end of each module. These are in an online format so you merely type your answers in. You can then review and edit your answers at a later date.

Q. Who are Elaine and Diane?

A: Elaine Taylor-Klaus and Diane Dempster are parenting coaches and mothers who happen to have 6 kids with ADD/ADHD and a number of other related issues between them. These issues include Anxiety, Depression, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia and other learning disabilities.

Unfortunately, when their kids were younger, the kind of support that would have helped them was not available. This is what inspired them to co-found ImpactADHD, as they recognized a huge need for support that makes a real difference. They hope that no parent ever has to go through this alone – not when they know they can do something to help!

For full bio’s for each please visit:


Q. My child has not been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. Can I still attend?

A: Sure! We welcome parents of what we like to call “complex” kids – children with ADHD, LD and related challenges. There are even some additional exercises for kids who specifically struggle with LD. Since 70% of kids with ADD have a number of different co-existing issues, these strategies are relevant for all of them. So whether ADHD is suspected, diagnosed, or not even likely, if you have a “complex” kid, you probably know what we mean – and this is definitely for you.

Q. If I don’t find this useful, is there a guarantee?

A: Yes, we offer a no risk guarantee. If, after the program, you don’t feel like you have gotten value from it, let us know within 30 days at and your money will be cheerfully refunded. Every penny.


Designed for busy parents.

This course is split into bite-sized chunks to let you do little bit at a time, even in your PJs if you want. You have unlimited access 24 hours a day – 7 days a week. If you have 30 minutes a week for 3 months, we can help you change your family dynamic for a lifetime!

Costs less than a daily coffee over 1.5 months!

Let’s deal with the Elephant in the room. We’ve gone to great lengths to design a program that actually WORKS in the REAL world, and we’ve kept it at a price that is less than a single 90 minute private-pay therapy session. It’s a steal. You can also choose to pay over 3 months and keep the cost to less than one night out with your family!

Complete peace of mind

You know what you’ve got to lose if you’re not successful. That’s what keeps you up at night, and spawns panic attacks every time you prepare for the 3pm homework struggle. But do you know what you have to gain? We are so confident that the Homework Headaches Program will help you make educating your child more productive and calm – quickly – that we offer a complete money back guarantee.

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